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"It's the songs ye sing

    and the smiles ye wear

that's makin' the sun

shine everywhere"

           - Granny Floss

How the ye old journey began:


Welcome to "The Granny Floss Collection". They are reproductions of hand-stitched designs from pictures that reminisce of pastimes. My hope is you'll experience a touch of yesteryear. And sure to add warmth to anyone's heart.


Each card is printed on recycled high quality natural linen card stock and acid free

Each card comes with a cellophane sleeve

Each card measures 5" x 7"

The way the Granny Floss Collection started...

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. When I was going through the treatments I started stitching vintage pictures. Working with my hands was calming to me, I could relax and not think about all i had just been through. I had done several prints and thought that they would make cute greeting cards from the past. So, I went to my printer, Vicky, to have them made into greeting cards. I'll never forget what Vicky said, "Turning a negative into a positive".

   I have lived in Solebury, Bucks County, PA all my life with my husband, 5 grown children, 2 grandsons and 2 twin granddaughters. Granny Floss was my grandmother, her real name was Florence but everyone called her Floss or Flossy. She would start getting her Christmas Cards ready starting the day after Thanksgiving for she wrote a nice note in everyone's card. The cards I received were always signed, Lots of love, Granny Floss XOXO. Granny Floss was also a grade school teacher and I still have her school bell. I will share many other stories that influenced my ideas for the cards in my blog; A Sharing of the Pastimes. I'll hope to hear your stories too.



Lots of love,

Granny Floss XOXO


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